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97% of Engineers & MBAs end-up as Juniors to their Juniors! Why?

They fail to Quickly Absorb, and Smartly Deliver Knowledge in English.

What to Do When Every Other English Program Fails?

Top TEN Reasons to own ONE!

Top TEN Reasons to own ONE!

Top TEN Reasons to own ONE!

Top TEN Reasons to own ONE!

How to differentiate yourself when 97% of candidates have similar domain knowledge? Our researchers have innovative methods to launch you into higher orbits!

If a manager can’t command respect of the team and build trust with clients, he wastes the team. What to do if he/she can’t innovate? Espoir has sure-fire solutions!

Placement records determines the status and prominence. How to make your students successful in placements? Espoir innovation has sure-fire solutions.

Parents who can’t ask right questions at the right time end up in troubles. Same rule applies to leaders. Espoir innovation helps you attain success!

It’s Smart to Attend Many Realistic Interviews Before the Real Interview!

Handling Clients is like Handling Fire! Why Don’t Simulate it in Advance?

Custom Mix of Technical & HR Questions: Interviewers on Screen & Camera is ON!

Understand Accented Questions: Practice thousands of questions in many accents until you mastered it!

Content-based Instruction: The Only Way for an Adult to Acquire Superior English Skills.

How Likeable Are You? How Was Your Body-language, When You Faced with Tough Questions?

Optimum Mix of Questions: Your Technical Domain, Fit for the Project, & Other Crucial Skills.

Customisation: To Your Current Level & Future Ambitions. Why  waste time on known topics?

Smart Practice Sessions: Benefit from all possible Questions, Best Responses & Contextual Advices!

Brushing Up the Key Technical Competencies:  Building the Shrewdness to handle questions!

Spoken English Simulation:  Build Presence of Mind, Spontaneity & Attractive Body-Language!

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Knowledge Max + English Max



face to face!

Simulation With Life-Size Screen

How is it Done?

How is it Done?

How is it Done?

How is it Done?

It’s High Time to Speak like the Professional You Want to Be!

For Career Seekers

For Companies

For Educational Institutions

For Leaders & Parents


Smartness to Your Domain Knowledge!

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Deliver Smart Answers - Even in Challenging Situations!

Espoir innovation for job seekers, career builders and career changers. Help you attend realistic job interviews before your real interview. Over 20 specializations from Technology, Engineering and Management!

Espoir innovation for students of Engineering and Management institutions. Gain crucial skills that academic institutions and a college atmosphere can’t provide and the industry eagerly look for. Espoir Solide: Solid Nature, Solid Future!

Espoir innovation for business leaders, Senior Managers, Executives, and future CEOs. ChiefMentor programs are built around the critical needs of the industry, and business: Business Excellence, Creativity, and Innovation.

Another Espoir innovation: A sure-fire way for adults to acquire commanding and convincing English skills: Content-based Instruction, Spoken English Simulation, Body-language Recording, Interactive Tests… and many more!

World’s first and only realistic IELTS Speaking Simulator - online! Over 600 speaking tests - on various topics exactly in IELTS style: Using our AI simulator engine and your computer camera! Attempt any number of new IELTS Speaking tests!

When it comes to Client Interaction, what can surpass the idea of a realistic preparation? Here is an opportunity to attempt any number of client interviews before the real interviews - on video in various accents!


Realistic Job Interviews!

Professional, Content-based, Convincing English!


Client/Team Interactions!

Do You Use Right English and Appropriate Technical terminology by Reflex?


Can you Deliver Smart & Shrewd Answers to Sharp & Rapid Questions?

It’s High Time to Become the Best Version of You, Using Technological Innovations!

Industry surveys say 97% of people demonstrate the same level of domain knowledge. Success depends on your ability to differentiate. It’s crucial to infuse higher-order skills that industry is looking for. For example,

Are You Aware of Your Facial expressions, Gestures and Stance While Responding Under Stress?

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Applying Hope. Leveraging Talent.

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