Key Features Key Benefits Key Results Why Simulation?

When Ordinary Training Programs in Executive Excellence / Client Interaction Fail,

It is high time to adopt proven innovations.

Failed Methods Still in Use

Innovations that Ensure Quick, Sustainable Results

Re-teach grammar.

Teach professional etiquette

Memorising of disconnected lessons in the domain area.  

Role plays and mock-interviews.

They don't help compose meaningful responses on the spot.

No focus on body-language while facing complex situations.  

No opportunity to ingrain response skills in anxiety generating, tense situations.

Opportunity to attempt any number of Client Interactions before the real interactions: World’s No.1 Client Interaction Simulator

Opportunity to develop Executive excellence skills through World’s No.1 Executive Excellence Simulators.

Personalisation Approach: AI-based customisation.

Original exciting content, that is created by practicing industry professionals.

Builds ‘Answering reflex' and ‘Ability to think on the spot'.

Fine-tunes body-language. Mirror-like body-language recording.

Infinite opportunity to ingrain speaking skills. Self-review, Peer-review, Mentor, senior contextual feedback.