Benefits That Transform Your Life

Faster Learning, Longer Retention & Quicker Recall: The power of Content-based Instruction methodology, the only way to master English as a second language (ESL). Self-motivating & inspiring.

Build Good Reputation and Professional Credibility: Helps you communicate the way industry & society expects - in meetings, video-conferences, presentations, documents, negotiations, emails, tweets, and blogs!

Succeed in the Toughest of Examinations and Interviews: Basic tenses to IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT level. Scientifically fine-tuned lessons. Can be customized for more effectiveness.

Critical Thinking & Acquisition of Up-to-date Actionable Knowledge: Gain the power to identify relevant facts from a sea of data, and convert them into actionable knowledge. Most sought after skill in industry today.

Acquire Admirable Body-language: Fine-tune your facial expressions, body-movements, gesture, stance etc, while you are listening to, talking, moving and answering.

Acquire Enviable Reflex: Gain spontaneity. Gain the power to instantly understand the underlying meaning of a random question, quickly frame/formulate and effective answer, and to deliver it with great articulation.

Multiply Your Family’s Intellectual Assets: Make knowledge your family’s culture. Encourage Critical Thinking. No limit on number of installations (one person at a time). No Internet connection required. No expiry date.