Never Before Features, for Never Before Success!

Content-based Instruction/Theme-based Learning: According to Cognitive Educational Psychology, this is the only way for an adult to acquire a second language.

Thorough Personalization : Proprietary Intellia software asks you 140 questions, analyses your answering patterns, and identifies your English weak points. It creates a personalized learning path.

Mirror-like Body-language Recording: Experts advice us to practise in front of mirror. But, can a mirror record? Benefit from proprietary feature! Fine-tune your facial expressions, body-movements, gestures etc.

Learn the Language They Expect to Use in Companies, Meetings and in the Social Gatherings: Developed by a team of 52 industry professionals after understanding the industry/business/social needs.

Customizable Elaborate Lessons: 134 study units, 514 lessons, over 300 Tests (both advanced & intermediate), Over 6000 audio sessions (US & UK accents). 700 Hrs of learning. Automatic progress tracking.

Spoken English Simulation: 100 realistic spoken English sessions of 10 questions each. Interviewer on the screen asking questions to you  and the camera is ON. You must answer, it is time bound. Record. Review!

No Restrictions: Install on any number of computers (one person can use at a time). No Internet connection required. No expiry date. Espoir no-question asked guarantee / replacement warranty.