Results That Matter!

82% of learners came to Espoir programs on their own, and sustained interest till the end. 92% of them said that they learned tougher grammar lessons and usages unknowingly. (or, automatically).

92% of learners say they learned to successfully handle meetings and audio/video conferences. They learned to quickly understand questions, and tactfully responded to them in a neutral accent. 86% of learners acquired the skills to follow English movie dialogues.

96% of learners communicated their newly-acquired ideas to a colleague / friend the same day. 72% said that they used Espoir programs contents in a team meeting, email or PowerPoint to illustrate a point.

100% of learners said that the body-language recording is an eye-opening experience. 98% said that practicing language skills along with body-language recording, made maximum impact.

92% of learners say the program helps them command more attention & respect from colleagues, friends, clients. Their outlook turned to positive. They present a better professional image and trust.

About 42% of learners bought Espoir products to appear for a competitive examination. 92%of them say their learning became very easy, and 100% of them said they responded well in interviews.

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Feedback from 12184 learners who used Espoir Smart Series in Private / Small Groups - after self-customizing the lessons and learning for about 9 to 12 weeks.