How This Program Ensures Faster Learning?

There are things in life that we experience only once and learn well. These memory peaks are invariably times when our entire brain is involved in the learning process – both left and right hemispheres and our limbic system.

For example, we often learn songs without conscious effort because they involve the whole brain. The left brain attends to the words, the right brain attends to the music, and the limbic system – the emotional center – pays attention because it is emotionally relevant to us.

By deliberately using all three of these processes, we can improve our memory for any learning experience.

The left brain is associated with our reasoning and is responsible for words, numbers and language. It sees individual details one at a time and deals with order, facts and logical thinking.

The right brain is the artist within us and handles symbols, images, melodies, patterns and spatial relationships. It sees the whole picture at once and uses parallel, imagistic and intuitive thinking.

The limbic system plays an important part of our long-term memory. It decides if incoming information is relevant enough to be remembered, based on its emotional appeal. When what you are learning appeals positively to your emotions, through colors, pictures, games, challenges or musical accompaniment, you learn better and remember more easily.

One sentence answer is: “Because it Automatically Engages the Whole Brain”!  For details, read on!

It is Vivid – Help you experience the knowledge using all your senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.     

It is Extremely Active – This program fully engages you! This includes movement, action and bring the information to life by true animating and high level of interactivity.

It is Interesting – This program also includes humour, exaggerations and positive emotions. Scenes bright, colourful, unusual, bizarre, dramatic and amusing.

It is Meaningful – This program is logical and can be related to your real-life situations immediately.

How is it Applied to This Program?