Profit from the Knowledge-Skill Mix that Market is Waiting for.

Market size: Studies say, the number of unemployed, or under-employed is about 28% of population!

The crucial issue: 28% of population without any clear goals!

Surveys & research underlines the grave situation: 97% of qualified people can’t succeed in an interview!

88% of employed people are misfit in their jobs: They look for career change but are not able to do.

English & Communication Classes: Teaching the same school lessons, no immediate application.

Since there is no visible success, many candidates lose faith in this.

Crash courses: Interview skills are to be internalised. It can’t be acquired by crash course. No results.

Short-term courses: mostly conducted by another unemployed with his/her own study notes!

CBI-based English & Communication Programs, IELTS Speaking Simulators, Spoken English Simulators.

Conducting sure-fire programs & Sale of products that build careers!

Cutting-edge professional Interview Programs for Technical/Engineering /Management & Other Streams.

Realistic Large-Screen Interviews using Professional Interview Simulators, Review and Analysis.

Market Realities

What is Available?

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