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How Espoir Innovations Help You Achieve Higher Goals?

Content-based Instruction - The Only Way to Acquire Critical Knowledge & English Skills.

Lack of Crucial Response Skills Pushes highly qualified people to lower echelons of career.

Blue arrow line represents the transformation Content-based Instruction programs can do for you. Wherever you are on the redline, you can elevate yourself to the green line.

If You are a Manager, Executive, Professional or a Businessperson…

Ability to manage multiple assignments and tasks, set priorities, and adapt to changing conditions and work assignments.

Ability to maintain a goal-driven and a productive climate. Ability to confidently motivate, mobilize and coach employees to meet high performance standards.

Ability to inspire your co-workers and to build great teams, which produce great results.

Everybody start realizing the “CEO Material” in you and start seeing you as a future CEO.

You attract smart people to work with you. Those amazing results achieved by your team will be attributed to your leadership, which will further enhance your brand value.

Competing companies notice your value. You receive incredible job offers which you have never applied for.

Your family and friends are proud of you. Your social standing will be enviable!

Working with you is a pain. People turn away. Projects fail. Customers complain. You self destruct.

You end-up reporting to your juniors, who have superior people skills.

After few years of hiring you, your company realizes that your job could be performed by a smart younger person drawing half your salary. You get sidelined or get fired at some point. (Inability to remain updated is the main reason why 84% of the experienced professionals world over, fall into some form of frustration or depression.)

Worlds’ Expectation from You

What benefits would you enjoy, with superior language skills?

What if you don't acquire superior language / communication skills?

If you are a Pre-final, Final Year Professional Student

Youthful drive with an eye in the future. Demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence through your words and actions. Courage and initiative to take up projects, and take responsibility for your deeds.

Ability to express  your academic subjects with logic and reason. Approach problems with creativity and reasoning. Ability to work with others in a professional manner to achieve a common goal.

Open to new ideas and concepts. Ability to work independently or as part of a team. Ability to love what you do and the tenacity to stick to it until you bring it to logical conclusions.

You become a desirable candidate, every company would love to recruit. (For e.g., India & China churn out over 1,050,000 professional graduates a year. By building your language skills, you become one among the top 40,000! ) English is an intelligent way to kill competition.

Competing companies approach you with attractive offers! Everybody - even your most difficult customer - loves to have in his team a technical person with excellent language and articulation skills.

You score better in IELTS / GRE / TOEFL / GMAT exams. You are a star!

During interviews, your answers resemble text book sentences. Recruiters hate such lack of confidence. You don't even get into the final round of interviews.

If you are lucky, you end up in a lesser-known company with a pity salary and limited growth prospects while your classmates, who scored lesser grades get much higher salaries and perks, thanks to their language skills.

You work fifteen hours a day just for survival. You never get time to acquire new skills or to attend another interview. By the time you realize this, a new batch of your junior students will be out in the market!

Worlds’ Expectation from You

What benefits would you enjoy, with superior language skills?

What if you don't acquire superior language / communication skills?

If You are a Senior Manager, CEO, or CXO

Ability to set and deploy values, directions and performance expectations. Create an environment for innovation.

Ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more information if necessary, identify key issues that need to be addressed.

Successfully lead your organization through changing economic environments.

Create an environment that fosters and requires legal and ethical behavior.

You influence others whether or not you have positional authority. Your words count. You make things happen.

You envision. You ask “Why-Not?”. You ensure your organization's competitive position, overall performance and future success.

You reason with teenagers. You talk things out. You demonstrate success. You are a role model.

Not only your family, your community and country are proud of you.

Everyone around you suffer. Your inability to put forward ideas and arguments is seen as lack of guts.

You lack convincing power. You don't find backers for your actions. You are termed as a man with no initiatives.

Your inability to talk tough and stand for the team will be interpreted as lack of sincerity,loyalty and integrity. Your own associates start laughing at you and humiliating you.

To save face, you become brutally task focused. Talented people leave the organization because of you.

Worlds’ Expectation from You

What benefits would you enjoy, with superior language skills?

What if you don't acquire superior language / communication skills?

Ability to ask right questions at the right time: If one stitch in time can save nine, one right word at the right time can save situations & build careers.

Ability to question the questions to provoke new ideas that can lead to innovations: You drive people around you to take uncharted paths.

Ability to tell right examples, stories, anecdotes, quotations to push an argument: The power of stories and the right examples.

Innovative programs like Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom, Smart English through Success Secrets, etc”.

Build the ability to listen to the whole emotions, interpret the underlying meanings, formulate an effective answer and deliver in an articulated way.

Build the ability to time your questions, responses, jokes and stories so that it proves a point and keep others defenceless.

In this Facebook era, you can convince anybody only through counter-questions: No one has the time & patience to hear through an explanation. However, they will be provoked to think when countered with a question.

Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom, Smart English through Success Secrets + Espoir Smart Spoken English Simulator.

For Leaders, Parents of Teenagers.

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Smart Parents, Leaders, and CEOs develop the ability to question the answers and Question the questions.