Key Features Key Benefits Key Results Why Simulation?

When Ordinary English Training Programs Fail,

It is high time to adopt proven innovations.

Failed Methods Still in Use

Innovations that Ensure Quick, Sustainable Results

Grammar intensive

One-size-fits-all approach

Memorising of disconnected grammar-rules & isolated vocabulary lists.  

Standard content, that is copied from text books of 1960s.

They don't help compose meaningful responses on the spot.

Ignore body-language.  

No opportunity to ingrain speaking skills

Speaking intensive: World’s No.1 Spoken English Simulator

Personalisation Approach: AI-based customisation.

Absorbing grammar-rules and vocabulary through meaningful ideas. World’s No.1 Content-based Instruction Programs.

Original exciting content, that is created by practicing industry professionals. Interactive tests.

Builds ‘Answering reflex' and ‘Ability to think on the spot'.

Fine-tunes body-language. Mirror-like body-language recording.

Infinite opportunity to ingrain speaking skills. Self-review, Peer-review, Mentor, senior contextual feedback.