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Builds a Personality that attracts Everyone - including  your Interviewers!

Feedback from 18231 learners who used Espoir InterviewMax Programs and Products, and Espoir Idea-based English & Communication Programs.

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86% of users passed interviews successfully: For 22% of users it was Group-Discussion / Personal Interview, for 13% it was intra-company promotion interviews.

100% of users say, the initial simulation was the eye-opener:  It provided the much needed Actionable Feedback that even a close friend or parents could not have given.

93% of users say, they improved their body-language and benefited from it:  98% of users say, the fine-tuned facial expressions, improved stance and gestures help them win.

96% of users say they developed the ability to answer unexpected questions in a calm and composed manner: 98% of users say it helps them develop better relationships!

98% of users say, this was the quickest and sustainable way to build commanding English skills: 95% of users say, the techniques deployed build English & personality.

88% of users say, they developed the ‘Ability to Tell More with Less Words’:  92% of users say this skills has bought better value and respect in the society.

99% of Users Say, Their Friends & Relatives are Amazed by the Sudden Noticeable Changes in Them!

88% of Users say, it helped them identify the most suitable career for them: .They used the methodologies provided in this program to fine-tune & chart out their unique future!

100% of users say, the brief case studies on interview blunders are eye-openers: As smart people learn from others’ mistakes, they say they learned from 44 case-studies.  

93% of users say, the Best Responses & Guide’s Advices Instilled Invaluable Industry / Business Wisdom in Them:  It helped them give shrewed answers to quick questions!

96% of users say they built the right vocabulary - idioms & phrases and power verbs: 94% users say, they are able to communicate in a way their employers expect them to!

98% of users say, this program taught them how to become less emotional and develop objectivity in professional interactions:  98% say, they feel like leaders!

100% of users say, their confidence in themselves increased, they developed an eye to see logic, and developed the positivity to succeed: (We are very satisfied! - Editors)

“First you build yourself. Then Employers hire you for what you have built!”

92% of users identified their unique qualities and learned how to transform them as transferable skills: 90% of them learned how to tell this as convincing stories!

- Leland Stanford, Co-founder, Stanford University.

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