Now, A Little Theory

Longer Retention

On average, a person remembers 20% of what they read, 30% of what they hear, 40% of what they see, 50% of what they say, 60% of what they do, and 90% of what they See, Hear, Say and Do.

This program ensures that you get to See, Hear, Say and Do activities that are Relevant, Well-Researched, and Knowledge-packed. Also, they are presented in an Exciting, Inspiring Fashion! For example,

First, Personalize and Make it Targeted: Based on your personal profile - Your age, Specialization, Years of experience/Fresher etc.

Experience Realistic Interviews: Experience the anxiety of “what is going to come next”, “am I presenting myself appropriately”, “what is the message interviewers infer out of my answer”, etc, etc.

Understand Hidden Meanings: Listen, Read, Write etc, etc.

In these ways you will have reviewed it Visually, Auditory and Physically. Our users say, through these methods they internalise the skills much faster than any other methods.

How Longer Retention is Assured in This Program?

Hear, See, Read, Participate, Review: Rigorous practice sessions make you undergo realistic experiences that no ordinary interview training can provide.