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Applying Hope. Leveraging Talent.

Espoir Technologies

Our Values, Our Beliefs

An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

Member: American Society of Training & Development

Client Interviews



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Espoir Anthem

Welcome to Hope! Welcome to Espoir Technologies!

Espoir Anthem

Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology .

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘Let’s Meet’ page?

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Partnering With Us

Espoir Technologies, the global career innovation company  was established in 2005 to fulfil the vision of  helping professionals internalize the crucial professional and personal skills so that they command respect and gain trust from fellow-employees, family-members and society in general.

Espoir Technologies focused on research for over a decade, and has developed many unique products and programs that are of essential nature for the education/career development industry.

Qualifications for appointment of Mentors:

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us in confidence. You may send your brief resume , the location of franchisee, contact number and the convenient time to talk to . If your candidature matches with our parameters, we will be contacting you.

Franchisees get exclusive rights for the geographical areas assigned to them. Franchisees will conduct training programs, described on respective websites and will be the distributor of the products described on the respective websites.


Franchisees conduct unique programs, using unique tools, sell unique products, with legal exclusivity in the territory.  Every businessman understands the advantage of  entering the market with uniqueness.

No Risk. Higher Profits

Franchisee terms are so attractive that most franchisees reach break-even within months of starting operations. Franchisee gets revenues from training, and sales of unique Simulation and English products.

Professional  Growth

Higher Satisfaction

You deal with knowledge products that are highly practical in nature and is the need of the hour. When the entire world tries to increase employability, working with niche products ensures your growth.

Programs are technically superior and has virtually no competition. They are continually sought after, unique and brings instant user appreciation. They motivate you further & build you stronger.

Low Investment

Easy to Operate

Considering the uniqueness of products and programs, high market demand, lack of worthwhile or organized competition etc, the initial investment you need to make to open this franchisee is relatively low.

Always Ahead!

We differentiate ourselves from others in in-depth research, need analysis, application of cognitive educational psychology and cutting-edge information technology and modern project management. Our products are known for Extensive content research and deep-rooted courseware development, application of Artificial Intelligence in courseware customizations, Mirror-like body-language recording, Excellence/Interview Simulations, etc.

Our programs are based on industry research, customer feedback and industry forecasts. They are up-to-date and contemporary. There are continuous release of new products and programs.

Everyday, you work with educated, smiling, positive and forward looking people. They look for good things and appreciate goodness. No need to deal with odd hours, dangerous goods, or tough customers.

A Good Thing Going!

We have thousands of  feedback notes and touching experiences where our users thanking us. It is a different feeling when others get benefited by an initiative of yours. You get paid back in many many ways!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a Dire Need

If you look for quick money by doing some short-term business - whatever the core activity of the business may- and dream of an easy life, you are at wrong place. There is no need to read further.    

The following franchisee partnerships are on offer to the right candidates:

The Role of Franchisees

What We Expect From Franchisee Owners?

The Next Steps

Through innovations, Espoir Technologies offers Uniqueness, Higher Profits, Low Investment, Low Risk, Legal Protection, Exclusivity, Continuous Release of Innovative Products and Programs, Higher Satisfaction, Safe Working Environments, Professional Company etc, for many many years to come.

If you look for earning a decent income by doing something that you love doing, and by helping others, you are at the right place. You can become richer by commanding respect and making meaning to the society.    


Knowledge Max + English Max

Franchisee Partnership Offer No:1


Franchisee Partnership Offer No:2

The Power to Talk.


On the Spot!



Franchisee Partnership Offer No:3

Franchisee Partnership Offer No:4

Executive Excellent Simulator + Inspiring English

Language is an oral art. Most people learn a new language with an objective of speaking. A person who can speak a language is seen as a person who knows that language. No one can speak a language by mugging-up grammar and vocabulary lists. Welcome to World’s first attempt to build speaking skills through advanced technologies.  Through speaking we build Listening, Reading and Writing Skills.

Build effectiveness on the spot! For business leaders, Senior Managers, Executives, and future CEOs. These programs are built around the critical needs of the industry, and business: Business Excellence, Creativity, and Innovation.

When it comes to Client Interaction, what can surpass the idea of a realistic preparation? Here is an opportunity to attempt any number of realistic client interviews before the real interviews - on video in various accents!