Now, A Little Theory

Quicker Recall

What is the use of knowledge, if you can’t access it, or use when in need? And, if ‘your way of expressing knowledge’ drives people away?

First, this program ensures you develop excellent memory of its content. It uses these three keys for developing a tremendous memory:

This program ensures you develop the skill in two ways: Ability to Retrieve Relevant Knowledge, and the Ability to Deliver it Effectively.

This program helps you to cleverly you understand the inner meanings of interviewers’ questions.  It demonstrates  how to formulate a convincing answer quickly? Then, how to deliver that answer to ensure its highest effectiveness?




This program forms associations between new information and already existing information. Technical and HR questions are intertwined because we remember things that have meaning for us . As you know, things have meaning when we can associate them with what we already know.

1. The Ability to Quickly Retrieve the Relevant Knowledge.

2. The Ability to Deliver that Knowledge Effectively.

And, how to fine-tune your body language for maximum effectiveness during listening, during thinking, during speaking, and soon after you delivered that answer?