Glimpses of AI based Interview Simulator

One of the key features of ReFourM program is the AI-based Interview Simulator. You experience all anxieties and tensions of a real job interview, until you mastered the art of smart interviewing!

InterviewMax ReFourM - Re Four Methodology (Pronounced ‘Reform’) is a Proprietary Scientific Professional Interview Success Program.

Realize! Simulator reveals the blunt truth: Where do you stand in the eyes of an interviewer? Realization is the start of a rewarding journey!

Re Four






Repackage! Personal SWOT analysis. Formulating success strategies based on your uniqueness. Simulator based practice sessions, and more!

Reassert! Why your area of specialization is important? How to be proud of it & benefit from it? How your uniqueness can be blended with your specialization for your advantage? And more.

Reboot! Launching you to a higher orbit.  Critical thinking. Real Interview simulations. Analysis of Pros & Cons. Strategies for the future.

How is ReFourM implemented in professional interviews of various specializations? Visit respective web pages.