Key Features Key Benefits Key Results Why Simulation?

When Interview Training Programs Fail,

It is high time to adopt proven innovations.

Failed Methods Still in Use

Innovations that Ensure Quick, Sustainable Results

Teach common questions & answers.

One-size-fits-all approach

Conduct mock-interviews lasting three to five minutes..  

Video-record the mock interview from the side.  

No opportunity to ingrain speaking skills.

No opportunity to attend realistic interviews that throws anxiety and tense moments by combining professional and HR questions.

Realistic interviews before the real interview: Using World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator.

Interviews are customised for each individual based on the candidate’s education, experience and the company he/she targets for employment : AI-based customisation.

Attend professional interviews (Technology, Engineering & Management) any number of times.  Every time a new interview!

All interviews are recorded live: Review and evaluate verbal and non-verbal behaviours in anxious situations.

Builds ‘Answering reflex' and ‘Ability to think on the spot'.

Practice any number of times. Powerful practicing module.