People with ‘Presence of Mind’ are better at Inductive Reasoning and Creative Problem Solving.

“When we have Fear in our mind, our first impulse is to tighten our bodies and shut down our minds.”

The impulse to tighten can become so deeply ingrained that candidates may not even be aware of the ways that they keep themselves back, or of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that they communicate our fears to interviewers.

This negatively affect their ability to respond to the blend of technical and HR  questions.

The pathways along which information travels through the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain can be compared with the paths through a forest. As people keep taking the same route through a forest, they wear out a path in it. And the more people who take this path, the more deeply it is worn and the easier it becomes to follow. The same goes for our memories: the more we review them in our mind, the more deeply they are etched in our neural pathways.

Solution; Attempt Anxiety Generating Interview Atmosphere on a Regular Basis!

I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.

– Chinese proverb

All men have fears, but the Brave put down their fears and go forward.

Interview Simulators Help You Put Down Your Fears and Go Forward.

Interviewers say, over 94% of candidates appear for interviews don’t have the ‘presence of mind’ even to talk about themselves! Why?

They are required to meet strangers and sell their credentials.

Those strangers are in a position of authority - they decide your future.

Those strangers can ask any questions, some don’t even have answers!

Those strangers evaluate and judge on one’s appearance, one’s demeanour and one’s  ability to sell oneself.

Those strangers maintain suspense. Who knows what is coming next?

What happens to candidates entering into an interview room?

He/She becomes the opposite of receptive and playful,

Stop noticing relevant things about interviewers,

Stop collaborating, and stop making interpersonal connections.

Practicing new, more effective behaviours actually builds new neural pathways in your brain. These pathways make it easier to repeat these emotionally intelligent behaviours in the future. Without the repetition that comes with practice the pathways will not form and you will not change.

Like body building, one can build more effective behaviours. By practice, one can throw away all sort of anxieties as simulators recreate all anxiety generating atmosphere on regular basis.

Interview Simulators Also Empower You to:

Treat yourself well,

Visualise success,

Reduce your stressors,

Provoke you to do your research,

Train you not to succumb to pressure,

Teach how to interview the interviewer,

Show methods of taking your time and collecting your thoughts,

How to prepare yourself,

Congratulate yourself on small achievements, etc.

Never Before Features Ensure

Never Before Success!

Top Three Benefits of ‘Realistic Interview Simulation’:

Build ability to think on your feet in stressful situations: Remain receptive and playful, keenly noticing relevant things about interviewers.

Ensures Presence of Mind while answering rapid, unexpected, twisted blend of Technical and HR questions.

Help maintain likeable body-language: facial expressions, stance, and gestures while listening questions and while responding.

You can attempt any number of customised interviews, every time a new interview! You can evaluate & Review your interviews as seen by your interviewer. You can receive your Interview Reports.

How Interview Simulator develops the ‘Presence of Mind’ to handle Complex Mix of Technical and HR Questions?

To know all benefits/features, please go through this website!

Top Three Benefits of Simulator-based ‘Interview Practice Sessions’:

Builds ability to quickly understand the underlying meanings of twisted questions. Read between the words to grasp the real motive (business/social/personal).

Builds ability to quickly respond to a question with necessary articulation, in complete English sentences, with right words and phrases within the accepted time limits.

Help fine-tune the body-language by trying various styles and approaches that suits the qualification and the position applied for.  

You can attempt any number of interview practice sessions, every time a new session! You can play and replay your practice recordings any number of times.

To know all benefits/features, please go through this website!