“Interview Simulator made our students realize their shortcomings on their own. If a teacher pinpointed these, students would have become rebellious & opposed it.”

The FIRST Reason to Own ONE:

“Students live in a dream world: They think ‘Someday, Some company from Somewhere  will appear and will give me Some job, Somehow ’!

This shows ‘unconscious incompetence’. Students don’t know what they don’t know, and are not ready to know. When college’s reputation hangs on its placements records, we must have smart strategies for winning.”




Interviewers on screen. Camera is ON!

Based on the Personal Profile, Simulator throws customised mix of Technical & HR questions as in a real interview.

Quick, Random & Unpredictable! Ability to answer effectively is the key, as in a real interview!

Users say, it is an eye-opening experience. It reveals how we behave through anxieties and tensions! Details ahead…

Sure-Fire Interview Success


Interview Simulator is a standalone program. Developed by a team of 52 professionals over five years. It ensures interactive quality training for your students.

You only need a facilitator, to clarify doubts and help to evaluate the results. Get rid of poor quality Interview Trainers!

World Class for Your Students

It trains English language, Key questions and insights, Extensive practice sessions, Huge data bank of technical/ managerial/ HR questions. A section called outsmarting the smart cautioning students about Interview blunders, Interview puzzles, etc.


Even the best performers are sometimes blamed for minor lapses. Therefore institutions think it is a smart idea to archive the interview simulations of their students.

Now institutions can safeguard their staff and placement officers from complaining students and parents. There is proof that who performed and who did not!

When college takes responsibility of teaching, and students share the responsibility of doing their best to find placement… best things evolve!

Oozing with Confidence


This program won’t allow you to leave without acquiring superior English skills!

You will passionately get involved with thousands of questions, answers, guide’s advices! There are hundreds of occasions where you answer on simulation and practice sessions. You replay them for reviewing, and for evaluating…!

There are thousands of occasions, you get immersed in an activity, where you are the active participant, your all senses are involved. You can’t escape acquiring superior English skills!

When English is the Smartness


When somebody continually spend public money on something unproductive, allegations are natural.

Real Value for Money

When certain Interview Trainers continually receive money without any tangible result, eyebrows are raised.

Results from day ONE! It generates trust in the college, staff members, systems and future plans.

Forward looking institutions look for innovative solutions. They can’t miss interview simulation.


What do you fantasise about a practice session? It is already here!

Face questions, respond, seek best responses by other candidates, guides’ advices, Espoir Smart Interview Companion book, etc. etc

Sure-Fire Practice Sessions

Attempt any number of practice sessions, any number of times. Every time the session will be different.

Knowledge is not enough. You must know how to express the right things about your domain areas!


90% of under-performed students didn’t even know what thy didn’t know.

When Simulator captures all nuances of theirs - Facial expressions and body-language – while listening the question, while formulating a response, while delivering the answer, soon after they delivered the answer, they realize they need to improve.

Building Confidence

Self realization is the first step towards a long journey of success!


People with ‘Presence of Mind’ are better at Inductive Reasoning and Creative Problem Solving.

In order to build the presence of mind, anxiety generating interview situations are created, again and again, using the customised mix of Technical & HR interview questions, extracted from a huge data bank of over 4500 questions!.

Practice won’t make us perfect. Only perfect practice like this can make you perfect. Read Ahead…

Presence of Mind


Will you trust a driving school without a car? Most Interview Programs are like that!

No amount of theory will impart the crucial experience of driving a car and negotiating dangerous terrains.

Driving School without a Car!

Isolated YouTube videos, bookish Q&As, Mock-interviews can’t impart the key skills to negotiate through a tricky job interview.

On an interview simulator, you get to take control, work through the questions without making blunders and drive to the logical conclusion.


When the competition is tough, the easiest way to win the game is to differentiate.

Innovation is the best form of differentiation. However, it calls for certain amount of risk-taking.

The creators of World’s first Job Interview Simulator has already taken that risk on your behalf.

Now it is for you to take the next step, help your students to build a great career and differentiate yourself!

Walking the Talk