Road Safety Records Say,

100% of ill-fated drivers knew the location of the brake,

the function of the brake, importance of the brake,

when to apply the brake, and how to apply the brake…

But they could not apply the brake.

99.6% of candidates  appearing for job interviews face very similar situation. What is the reason?

‘Reading’, ‘Mocking’ or ‘Acting’ cannot build the Quickness, Smartness, and the Reflexes necessary to handle the Unexpected, Tricky HR/Technical blended questions.

Skills Are Useless Unless They Are Available Instantly When in Need. To respond instinctively, the vital skills must become part of your nature. Perfect practice is the only solution.

Practice Doesn’t Give Results Unless it is Performed in  a Real Interview Environment: That calls for Strange interviewers, Unexpected Tricky Mix of questions from huge data bank of Technical & HR questions, Uncertainty about the proceedings, The feeling of ‘you are always under watch’ etc.

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