The Crucial Blend that is Totally Ignored!

Suresh Namboothiri M.Tech, MBA

When he resigned his job to become an entrepreneur and mentor, he was a Chief Operating Officer at  USD 80 billion Tata Group . Before that he was Deputy-General Manger-Design at BPL-Sanyo (Now Panasonic).

He has conducted over 5000 interviews - engineers to senior management cadre - for over twenty years, and has mentored over 1000 professionals.

Creative Director & Chief Mentor*

Domain Knowledge & Personal Smartness

He is passionate about Innovation, Product Development, and Business Excellence.

In 2011 alone, twenty-seven IT professionals committed suicide in the Indian city of Pune. The root cause is the same: They felt sidelined in their companies. Reason? Lack of English skills!

I regularly speak to professional college (Engineering/MBA) students, and realize their insecurity feeling. They know their seniors are yet to find right jobs. Why? They could not sell themselves to an interviewer!

Similarly, 97% of working professionals gradually fall into the shameful situation of working under a junior, who is better in ‘people skills’!

The fact is all of them attended soft-skill training programs, and English and Communication Programs. Yet, they didn’t gain anything. Why?

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